Lil Angels: Co-ed (30 Min. class) Age 6m -17M  Parent assisted; Must register online for this.

FREE in June / July / August. 


9:00 - 9:30 am

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12:00 - 1:00 pm

Tuition is due monthly through autopay. Class prices are based on 1 class a week; 4 weeks in a month. If there is a 5th week; it is considered a free-be. If there are closures during a 5th week; there are no make-up classes permitted for the 5th week. We offer discounts for multiple classes a week.

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month; a late fee is applied n the 5th.

Drop Notice must be given in writing/email 15 days for recreational classes/ 30 days for team; before dropping from the class to avoid incurring the next months charges. Sent to:

​Autopay is required when you sign up.

Annual registrationis 25.00, Sibling discounted registration is $15.00

Make up Class policy: All Makeup must be scheduled through the office. No gymnast will be permitted in class without prior arrangement. All makeups  must  be checked-in with the office upon arrival. A makeup request must be utilized within 2 weeks of the absence and during  the same month. If you know when you will be out; you can request a makeup class ahead of time.

Requests are not guaranteed and are subject to availability of date and time. If the requests are not met within the time limit; the missed class will be considered forfeited and will not be reimbursed. 

Trial Class: Try out a one time Trial class for $10.00

Currently closed due to COVID 19. 

Currently closed due to COVID 19

and Ballet

Mini Gym: Co-ed ( 60 min. class) Age: 18m -4yr. Parent assisted; Must be registered online.

$5.00/per class

Surprise Angels Gymnastics 

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Address: 13200 W. Foxfire Dr. Surprise Az 85378

Developmental Gymnastics: 
This is a co-ed, non-competitive gymnastics class; for 18m-5 years of age, that focuses on children’s motor skills. These classes are broken down into 3 groups, Tots, Tykes and Tumblers.  Each class is taught based on ability within each stage of their social and physical development.  It’s a physical education with gymnastics activity. It will help to develop your child’s mind and body as well as enhance self-awareness and raise self-confidence. 

Tots: Mommy & Me class for ages 18m - 3 yrs.  This class is in exploratory co-ed class with parents aid geared for toddlers by using activities and music that lead to social and physical development.  In this class your child will perform basic gymnastics by using their balance spatial awareness, and coordinating motor skills throughout obstacles and activities using balance beams, rings, bars and other climbing apparatus.  This is a shared activity between parent and child.

Tykes:  3 yrs. - 5 yrs.  This class is a co-ed class without parent's aid. This is a fundamentally based class focused on improving motor skills by furthering their development with coordinating activities and games with gymnastic skills; working to improve their strength, and flexibility.  Child must be potty trained.

Tumblers: 3 yrs. - 5 yrs.  This is a co-ed gymnastics class that is intended to be more challenging while keeping it fun to help further your child's enjoyment.  Child must be potty trained.

This is a non-competitive gymnastics class for ages 6 and up.  Structured to introduce basic skills in gymnastics while working to improve strength and flexibility.

This is a non-competitive gymnastics class.  Structured towards basic gymnastics skills while working to improve strength and flexibility.  At this level we will introduce new gymnastics techniques and body positions that will enhance beginning level gymnastics skills.

Level 1: 
This is a non-competitive gymnastics level which focuses on enhancing beginning level gymnastics skills, body position and technique. There are specific requirements on floor, bars, vault and beam that must be mastered to move up to the next level. (There are separate classes for boys and girls.) For example: Beam: walk and kick sequence, straight jump, arabesque, etc… Bars: pull over, cast, back hip circle, push down, shoot-through hold etc… Vault: runs, hurdle, straight jump up to stack mats etc… Floor: Backward rolls, Forward rolls, how to initiate a handstand, cartwheel, bridge, bridge kick over etc… 

This is a non-competitive gymnastics level which focuses on refining existing techniques, introducing more difficult skills, working on body positions and improving strength and flexibility.

Level 2: 
This is a non-competitive gymnastics level which teaches more detailed gymnastics skills. Using the child’s physical abilities to maintain body positions and enhance their technique. Skills in this level must be mastered and performed by their self to move up to the next level. (There are separate classes for boys and girls.) 

Ninja Classes: 
Ninja Zone provides children with a unique channel to redirect their energy through freestyle movement, obstacle training, martial arts, and gymnastics. They will exercise their minds, build character, confidence, and cultivate discipline. Ninja Zone teaches children how to reach their goals while building confidence  and gaining the technique needed to face any challenge. Its a fun filled, action packed with high energy obstacle course training and free style movement.   
There are multiple levels to advance through;  Lil Ninja, white, yellow, green and blue.

Beginning Tumbling: 
This is a non-competitive class that is structured to properly teach beginning floor skills; Incorporated with a small amount of strength training/conditioning, intern will help the progression into more advanced tumbling. For example: Forward roll, backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, round off drills, bridge and front limbers.

Intermediate Tumbling:
This is a non-competitive class that is structured to safely build upon the learned  skill set; as well as, realign proper form. For example: Back handspring drills,  Round off, Back walkovers, front walkovers, front handspring drills, front tuck drills. Building up  their strength so they can progress to the next class. 

Advance Tumbling:
This is a complex class aimed towards training and educating the student in proper technique while furthering their difficulty in a higher skill level. Within this class they will learn how to connect their skills safely and timely as well as build up strength and confidence in their ability. For example: back handspring, back tuck, and front handspring. 

Invitation Only Classes: 

Level 3:
This is a non-competitive gymnastics class that focuses more on physical development, body positions, strength and flexibility. This is for the gymnast that has mastered the basic skills by him/her-self and is ready for further in-depth training. In this class we are fine-tuning the gymnast’s skills which prepare them to train as in a competitive gymnastics team. 

Dynamites, Hotshots, 3ITs:
This is a non-competitive level that runs similar to level 2 and level 3; for ages 3-6. This program is geared for talented young gymnasts who are advance for their age and have the desire to eventually move into our Hot Shot or Level 3 group. Our focus is on their physical development, body positions, strength and flexibility as well as meeting their needs for a fun environment. There are specific requirements that must be met to be invited into this class. 

Competition Team (Level 3IA - Level 10, Xcel ): 

To be placed on our competition team; there are specific obligations asked of our parents and gymnasts. Not only does each level require a number of mastered skills; it also requires drive. Our coaches strive to bring our young athletes to their fullest potential; not only with their physical development, body positions, strength and flexibility. Our gymnast will also ascertain discipline, perseverance, and team unity. There is an additional fee per month to hold your gymnasts position on the competition team.