Surprise Angels Gymnastics

Coach Krystal

Recreational Program Director. 

Pre-team coach, Competitive Team coach.


Recreational, Boys, Tumbling coach

About our Club

Coach Kaitlyn

Recreational Dev, Intro, Inter, LV coach.

Coach Crystal

 Lead Competitive Team coach, Executive Director.

Coach Keron

Recreational Coach, Competitive Team coach.

Coach Darcy

Recreational/ Tot Program Director,

Recreational Dev, pre-team Dynamites, Competitive team coach.

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Coach David

Recreational, Boys, Pre-team, Competitive team coach

What makes Us different

Why Gymnastics?

In this sport, it is key to create a positive imprint on a child by instilling in them knowledge, physical conditioning, self-assurance and devotion.  These fundamental skills will be carried with them the rest of their life.  In doing this, it takes time and patience on behalf of the gymnast, coach and parents.

Surprise Angels 

We have had the pleasure of teaching  gymnastics to children in the west valley since 2012.  We take pride in smaller ratio classes which gives more training time and attention to detail to all of the children in those classes.  Our coaches always continue their education of gymnastics to provide excellent instruction to your children.  We are a competitive gym for Level 3 and above.  We offer recreational classes from Tots - LV3.

Coach Julie

Team manager,

Administrative Assistant,

Recreational Dev, Pre-team coach

Gymnastics is Agility, Strength, Discipline & More

  • Open enrollment
  • We promote on individual basis
  • Tuition is due monthly
  • No contracts
  • Annual registration only $25
  • Sibling registration only $15
  • Trial classes $10
  • Multiple class discounts
  • Sibling discounts
  • Friend referral reward
  • USAG Instructor/Safety Certified coaches
  • USAG Background checked coaches
  • USAG Safe Sport certified coaches
  • CPR Certified coaches

Receptionist Janet

Coach Mackenzie

Recreational, Pre-team,Competitive team coach

Our Staff


Coach Brenna

Competitive Team, Recreational, Boys, tumbling coach.

Coach Ashley

Recreational Dev, Inter, LV1, ADV, LV2, LV 3. Pre-team Dynamites, 3iT's, assistant LV 3 team coach and tumbling coach.

Coach Leah

Recreational Dev, Intro and Inter coach.

Receptionist April


Recreational Dev, Intro, Inter, LV 1, Advance coach.


Recreational Intro, Pre-team Hotshots coach.

Coach mindy

Recreational Dev, Intro, Inter, LV1, ADV, LV2 and tumbling coach

Coach Kyra

Competitive Team, Recreational, Boys Coach


Team coach, Director of Operations