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Surprise Angels Gymnastics

Gymnastics is Agility, Strength, Discipline & More


​12 pm Makeup Classes

      For those who miss class between 

Dec. 1st - 21st.

DEC. 22nd - JAN. 2nd

We are CLOSED for the Christmas/New Years Holidays!  


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Tumbling classes are non-competitive classes structured to properly, and safely teach beginning floor skills, with a small amount of strength conditioning.  We have beginning, intermediate and cheer tumbling.

Nov. 18th

12 pm Makeup Classes

    Fri & Sat holiday closure or missed classes only.  Wed & Thurs holiday closure still receive full month of classes.

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NOv. 22nd - 25th

CLOSED for Thanksgiving!!

November Specials!

$10 registration

$10 refer a friend

December Tuition


Merry Christmas!

  • Recreational Classes  (Tots - Level 3)
  • Tumbling Classes (Beg, Inter and Cheer)
  • Boys Classes  (Level 1 & 2)
  • Pre-Team (Dynamites, Hot Shots)
  • Competitive Team (Levels 3 and up)
  • Back Handspring & Tuck Clinics
  • Open Gyms
  • Birthday Parties 
  • Parent Night Outs
  • Private Lessons (for students)
  • USAG Certified Coaches
  • $25 annual registration 
  • $15 annual sibling registration
  • $10 trial classes
  • Multi-class and Sibling discounts

What we offer

Recreational Classes

Recreational classes are non-competitive levels and structured to teach basic gymnastics skills while working to improve strength and flexibility.  Gymnastics classes cover all 4 events, Floor, Bars, Beam and Vault.

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